Сетка / The mesh

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Ben Reynolds, Valle Medina (Palace). Сетка / The mesh

Сетка / The mesh
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.



Скопление материала, нагромождение стали и света, которые вновь вызывают к жизни призраков русских пионеров структуры (мифологическая плоскость) и отметают традиционность объекта и пространства. Это социальное хранилище, конденсация общественной активности, которая снижает консерватизм через неевклидову геометрию. Сетка отделяет внутреннее от внешнего, реальное от нереального, историю от возможного.

The mesh

The memorial is structure. A condensation of material, a haze of steel and light that at once raises the ghosts of Russia’s pioneers of structure (a myth-space) and suspends conventions of the body and space. It is a social silo, a condenser of public activity that suppresses conservatism through non-Euclidean geometry.


Access underneath is through a path on a plinth that separates the structure from nature. The structure represents an incision, a rupture. The line descends into basin whose centre is met with the mouth of a cone that is suspended and frames a view of the sky. The cone floats above as its reflections and shadows are revealed over the disc.


At the disc’s centre, a new relational system is established: both the dimension of the self and of outer space (or society as a whole) are reframed. This system represents individual and collective objectives. The cone is made of mirrored aluminium strips linked to one another by spacers forming a conical telescope: a convergence of voices from above project below.


The ring at the top is accessible by peripheral stairs that connect Novosibirsk with a bird’s eye view. The ring only allows one person to pass at one time. If two people cross at the same time, their bodies touch, challenging limits of the individual and realms of intimacy. No directions for circulation are given.


These events are supported by main steel elements as well as the lateral stairs. The elastic limits of materials are deliberately tested. Lighting is attached to each of the elements. So are eleven types of mesh that fade from ground to sky. It is a sieve that separates inside/outside, real/unreal, history/possibility.

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