Слияние / Merger

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Paula Lambán Belenguer. Слияние / Merger

Слияние / Merger
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.


В этом проекте использованы 13 работ. Все они объединены на основании иерархии, предложенной Казимиром Малевичем. Результатом может быть бесконечное количество комбинаций. Эль Лисицкий говорил, что «(...) форма - это застывший момент процесса». Поэтому работа - это лишь фаза развития, а не застывшая цель. Этот памятник должен продолжить свое развитие, используя наложение работ супрематистов.



1913 The intellectuals Matiuchin, Kruchenykh and Malévich, published Cube-Futurist manifesto.

Premiere of the opera Victory over the sun, where the Black square appeared as the final curtain, which starts Suprematism movement. Symbolically, 13 works have been selected to develop this study. All of them will be merged based on Kazimir Malevich’s supposed hierarchical criteria.

The result could be infinite, as many times possible combinations achievable. El Lissitzky stated that (…) each form is a rigid image of the moment of a process. So the work is a development pause and not hardened goal, this monument would continue learning and developing in a new appearance with the juxtaposition of other Suprematist works.


Selection of different coloured surfaces that comprise the works chosen. Separation and juxtaposing them back by new order: the dark tones prevail over the clear ones.


Selection of potential white volumes. Its location will be underground, as they expect as a possible latent organism to develop a new life. Kazimir Malévich said: (...) white is not the end but a new beginning. The simple origins freed themselves of conventional barriers.


Selection of potential colour volumes. Its location is on the surface, as they are the new age: (...) the world is given to us through vision, colour. Kazimir Malévich.

Their merger was made possible by the following principles: 1) Pure cubic forms prevail against the cuboids. Second degree of importance would be the segments.

2) Prevail black and red on the over the other colours, whose importance derives (high to low) from obscurity to lightness.

3)Pictures marked with (*) are not shown again because as basic Suprematists language’s elements appear in all the works of this period.

If the original work considered other criteria, these laws will be altered.


Selection of possible paths traversing the volumes, sometimes visible from the air, often hidden inside thereof. The order is imposed by the picture to which they belong.


Finally, merge all layers above.

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