Вектор / The vector

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Affan Ahmed, Andan Aslam, Mehr Qureshi. Вектор / The vector

Вектор / The vector
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

The vector

The piece is a fraction of continuum (Russian avant-garde movement). El Lissitzky work is exemplary and novo in true sense. The objective was to erect a line which is distorted with multiple origins and directions and is placed against an organic background to depict the contrast. Where a single radical line moves along-side basic forms (depicting obsolete ideas) placed in the midst of organic landscape acting as an art object and urban furniture in general. It basically depicts the radical fundamentals of avant-garde movement in Russia and the life, work of El Lissitzky in general. The Vector is a demarcating line which is bisecting archaic thoughts from avant-garde notion. This piece is defined robust due to its exhilaration that it brings because of its totally different expression from the place where it is set. A unified intermixing of the vector allows the art stimulus to flexibly and compactly transfigure it into parallelism and locality. In a typical urban landscape this sweeping line movement piece breaks the context of that area and this interactive piece will be stimulus for those who are exposed to it. The line does not follow a specific function. The vector acts as both a resistance and promotion of abstract art and assertion that all forms of art were equally capable of reaching a level of instigation of activity. It’s on user to explore it and experience it sensorially. It can be used for seating, leaning, and lying. But possible functions of this form are infinite. It basically acts as a stimulus which engages the stimuli.

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