Гиперкуб / Hypercube

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Kacper Rojek. Гиперкуб / Hypercube

Гиперкуб / Hypercube
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.



El Lissitzky tried to create the feeling a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensonal painting. This kind of art called for him as PROUN. He used simple forms and shows it in many perspectives. Symbolic object should use this idea and create something more than third dimension. But, what is the fourth dimension? Physicist says: “This is a time in a space we see.”, philosopher “This is a space, we can not create, or see, we can only imagine”. Artists through the years tried to show the imagination about this unvisible world. The most famous painting comes from Salvador Dali and names Christus Hypercubus. A good example is also Andrzej Sekula film “Hypercube” where five people are closed in multidimensional cube. Time, space and continuum does not matter. Object names hypercube or teseract was the first idea, how can looks the fourth dimension like.

This sculpture consists of two parts. The simple forms create simple composition outside, but when we go into the object, we are between two mirrors, made from stainless steel. Because walls are not parallel to each other, everything seems to be blurred, distorted and multiplied like inside a dream, another space or dimension.


Walls are made from conctrete, mirrors inside from brushed stainless steel and the red forms between them are made from painted steel. Second function these forms is to join the walls and strengthen the hole construction.

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