В фокусе / In Focus

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Ilia Kokalevski. В фокусе / In Focus

В фокусе / In Focus
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

В фокусе 

Скульптура изучает отношения между тремя основными фигурами (квадрат, круг и треугольник) и фундаментальными характеристиками (точка, линия, плоскость и перспектива). Размер и масштаб центральной скульптуры (5 м х 5 м х 5 м) - попытка найти место в любом ландшафте. Дизайн скульптуры интегрируется в ландшафт - травяной газон и аллею. Скульптура расположена на приподнятом пьедестале для лучшего обзора. Все элементы будут подсвечены красным и будут создавать уникальное удивительное зрелище ночью.

In Focus

Novosibirsk is a place built on hard work. Its work ethic has been dedicated to construction, exploration, and discovery. Our sculpture and setting proposal aims to create a place where the contribution and sacrifices made by the artisans of the Russian avant-garde throughout the country can be acknowledged, reflected upon, and celebrated. The sculpture will serve not only to remember the past artists but a place to reflect and foster new ideas.

Commemorative Purpose

Our design presents a memorial as a place of celebration and reflection. The design commemorates the death and works of El Lissitzky in a sensitive and enduring way encouraging quiet reflection on a day-to-day basis.

Form and Design Intent

The design for the sculpture and its surrounding is based and influenced on the principles and literature of El Lissitzky. His specific geometry has informed the design of the sculpture and setting. They are shapes that repeat themselves over and over in the landscape and architecture. These shapes have been imposed on the natural landscape to form a significant cultural history, which is recognized by the public.

The sculpture explores the relationship between the three basic shapes of a square, circle and triangle and the fundamentals of point line plane perspective.

The sculpture itself is made up of an extruded rectangle prism warped and tilted on its axis. With a window pointing to the sky its four faces are folded in to create a multi faceted memorial sculpture that has a powerful visual impact. The central prism forms the focal point of the sculpture with a viewing window encouraging reflection.


The design of the sculpture can take advantage of any proposed topography. The prism represents a building block, as a tribute to the hard work that Novosibirsk has been built upon. The subtle but visible change in grade elevates the central prism above the surrounding landscape creating a sense of importance. The scale, proportion and in particular the horizontality of the design allows the sculpture to integrate into a surrounding landscape.

The sculpture is located in its setting to take advantage of the all viewing points. Locating the sculpture on a raised plinth allows for view out and over its setting to its surroundings.

A number of vertical axis wind turbines set out in a random pattern act as vertical markers, providing electricity to run the proposed lighting as well as well as vertical markers for the sculpture.

Height and Scale

The size and scale of the central sculpture (5m x 5m x 5m) aims to fit in within any landscape. It is designed large enough to provide a focal point within the outer setting itself. The sculpture design integrates with the landscape – a predominantly low meadow like planting and an avenue of trees. A sculpture sits on a raised plinth to embrace the sites surrounding environment.


The lighting proposed for the memorial proposal aims to integrate the different elements of the design with the surrounding landscape. All elements will be lit in red and take a on a unique and striking environment at night. Lighting is used to take advantage of the different textures within the memorial including the outer avenue of the trees by creating a sense of rhythm. The central memorial prism will be lit washing over the smooth surface of the concrete. The avenue trees planted adjacent the sculpture will be uplit to accentuate their form.


Signage has been integrated into the design for the sculpture The sloping internal face of the concrete central prism provides an opportunity to provide quote by El Lissitzky "The image is not a painting, but a structure around which we must circle, looking at it from all sides, peering down from above, investigating from below." Furthermore the number one(1) will be inlayed within the plinth which will be lit up red at night to compliment the lit sculpture and trees.

Materials and Finishes

A limited palette of materials have been selected for the memorial design. Materials selected include trees, native grasses, crushed rock, concrete and stone. These materials have been selected for their aesthetic qualities as well as their hardiness and need for minimal maintenance.


Novosibirsk offers a perfect opportunity to harness the wind energy. The use of wind turbines is also representative of the development of technology. The wind turbines will harness the wind and provide the power source to light the sculpture tree and interpretive inlay.

It is also proposed that materials in the construction of the memorial be recycled where possible. Recycled stone is proposed for the plinth, while crushed stone, a waste product, is proposed for the treed courtyard.


The sculpture setting has informal drift planting (meadow like) surrounding the sculpture and trees including under the wind turbines. Trees are planted in an avenue adjacent the sculpture whilst providing a balance of hard and soft.

The planting design for the sculpture is appropriate for the proposed use provide plenty of open space, while providing a sense of enclosure in areas for quiet reflection. It also maintains a recognizable character, while preserving a sense of unity.

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