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И кино... / And Film...
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

Проект стремится соединить изобразительное искусство, архитектуру, театр, проектирование и кинематографию. Так же, как это делал Русский авангард в начале 20-го века.


We are convinced that the new forms of Soviet architecture will be found not by way of the imitation of the architectual forms of the past but on a basis of critical thinking ... by way of a profound understanding of living processes and their translation into architectural form.

A. and V. Vesnin, 1926

Here are some common definitions:

a) architecture is style
b) architecture is construction
c) architecture is a spatial art

Architecture = a + b +c

I affirm that architecture exists as the handicraft act of building, and only the development of this approach to building can produce such forms as we call “architecture”.

Konstantin Melnikov, “Architecture”:

From a lecture to the technical college of cinematography,
Moscow, November 1926

The project seeks converge painting, architecture, theater, design and film. As did the Russian vanguard early 20th century.

STARTING FROM BASIC FORMS AND MATERIALS easy execution, the original idea of an integrated art.


TRIANGLE opens the possibility to access these activities and the knowledge of this ferment CULTURE.

Film, architecture, design and the arts in general pass harmoniously.

The visitor faces a democratic space where their interests will be present with the passage of time.

A comprehensive support, enabling clear and resolved with few resources and a material gesture extreme simplicity.

The landscaping project linked to the definition of plant species, their organization and management has sought dialogue with the contemporary environment and possible activities able to contain.

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