Киоск / Kiosk

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Marteinn Huntingdon-Williams. Киоск / Kiosk

Киоск / Kiosk
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.



The symbols of freeing the agricultural worker from a subsistence living and freeing the city industrial worker from boredom and the personal health dangers of 20th century industrial work is an ultimate fully automated production industries – the real world of robotics.

The vision of an enviroment, for a new social type, someone who would have unlimited worldwide transportation possibilities. Sans frontiers. When the whole construction industry is polution free, clean and safe for the workers and builders, then the architecture changes both its symbol and its nature or image.

The very symbols are yet to be re-interpreted by exhibiting this history from the 1920´s.

Ideas and images that most people in this generation do not know very well.


At 30 locations in Novosibirk a kiosk like object, which uses the symbols of El Lissitsky´s and others work. The kiosk is weather proof, bullet and bomb proof, graffitti proof, low maintaince, low energy and ecologically sound. It is this that will symbolise the creativity of the first part of the revolution. It will be open late and lit up at night. Adult access or membership is by biometric based verification. Youwould like to go there. Shady and cool in summer, warm and dry in deepest winter. Media walls fold out / open up and link to interactive learning programs-apps.

Free i-Pads are loaned out by the kiosk volunteers.

The images, some are original and some are modern 3d models, this interactive exhibition will inform, some people for the first time, of the actual intentions of the artists, the poets and the planner architect-engineers of the 1920s, namely a new social type of living. These 30 kiosks are for use as places to meet, have a tea or a coffee and discuss things and ideas.

The kiosks are to be located near to the Heroes of the Russian Revolution Park and at the main Bus and Railway Stations, the largest Supermarkets and in the main shopping streets of Novosibirsk.


A city that was industrially re-planned in the 20th century, to the principles of comunality. Who knows what will be created by the present people, planners, artists and architectengineers, if these symbols, too radical / or unintelligible then, are set loose again today.

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