10 м³ искусства / 10 m³ of art

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Hana Kevilj. 10 м³ искусства / 10 m³ of art

10 м³ искусства / 10 m³ of art
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

10 м³ искусства

10 м³ искусства также буквально и 10 м³ пространства, предназначенного для представления различных художественных форм - выставок, перформансов, музыки, видео и аудио, что побуждает посетителей ощутить эмоциональный и духовный симбиоз различных художественных форм.

10 m³ of Art


The basic idea of the project 10m³ of Art is to present an object, which encompasses an idea of a journey. This is arranged in sequences and reflected in a continous variations of light and constant content changes of a multifunctional cubic. The structure delineates an evolving set of sequences, from an unobtrusive building at eye-level, to an object which can be discovered from all its sides, inside, outside, above, below, each time in a different light as the sky changes its color. 10m³ of Art invites you to a personal exploration of inner and outer space.

On the other hand, the proposed concept exemplifies a counterpart to the term Proun: the station where one changes from painting to architecture, trying out new approaches to architecture. As a fusion of different branches of art, the integrated art work was imposed as a solution, a space of mutually harmonized architectural objects and other forms of art which are incorporated into the function.

The building itself is conceived as a simple cubic form, which with its semi-transparent materalization invites visitors to get actively engaged in the scope and perceive it in different sequences which provide a different experiences of space. Using the ramps, which are part of the structure and support, we can circle around, go in and under the building itself. Seen from bird's-eye view a building represents a two-dimensional reminescence on the Suprematists works in a simple form.

10m³ of Art is also literally 10m³ of space, appointed to represent various art forms, such as exhibitions, performing arts, music, video and sound installations, encouraging visitors to experience an emotional and spirtual symbiosis of different art forms.

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