Великий побег из Фобия-Сити / The Great Escape from Phobia-City

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Jeongwoo Park. Великий побег из Фобия-Сити / The Great Escape from Phobia-City

Великий побег из Фобия-Сити / The Great Escape from Phobia-City
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

The Great Escape from Phobia-City

[ The hyper-Space constructed by El Lissitzky ]

The city changes every moment of our life without civilized purpose and our environment depends on evolution of the city. City planning and regulations of city has gone beyond their limitations. The city of Incheon, Korea abandoned many aspects of human needs and scale, recently. The city no longer men's land, the land is fill with artificial objects. Mother nature is not a main subject in this city. the city wanted to have more and more artificial ground and artificial nature. I truly saying, making of artificial landscape, creates another land of Hades. Suddenly, all of these artificial things became men's history and symbol of wealth. Dialectics of human nature and artificial objects are not a essential phenomenon anymore. "Phobia city" exist in the inner core of the city and reflects their dream and present. The Phobia city indicates their Utopia and their own graveyard.

Fear of Amnesia This is the area where people have no hope but anger and discontent. The cities itself has made from small clusters and narrow street. The layers of time involve and manipulate city infrastructure. Underneath of this area is tangled with forbidden corridors and bridges. Reality became true life. Dizziness will give you vision of the future.

Fear of Depth

Water will submerge to the natural land and create new types of land. The water is shallow and calm. Nothing moves around this area and directive structure is standing still. Only the sound of water and illumination of moon will give you a sense of location.

Fear of People

Vanishing from the existing horizon from the sky, sea, underground and manmade structure. The horizon has became new meaning in society and it is disconnecting from the everyday life.

Fear of the Sea

Only place to touch, see, smell the sea from the land of Phobia city. Artificial container with restricted water and designated exit and entrance will be provided in this area. This container is beacon of hollow memory within human mind.

Fear of confined spaces

Narrow, tight space between mutant world and fantasy district. The space is filled with many vertical walls to create confined and tight spaces. The sky is narrow and crimson. Erosion of rusted plateau gives you idea of dislocation and disorientation.

Fear of Memories

The bridge is not a physical object but connect two similar society and senses. The shape of bridge indicates human brains and symbolically makes the icon of the city structure and levels without cognitive faculty of human mind.

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