Универсальный проун / Universal proun

Миры Эль Лисицкого / Worlds of El Lissitzky: Trevor Skempton. Универсальный проун / Universal proun

Универсальный проун / Universal proun
г. Новосибирск
2013 г.

Universal proun

Proun. A design for the confirmation of the new. The station where you change from painting to architecture. A task-oriented creation.

This Proun represents a tiny two-cell exhibition space. Exhibitions are to be temporary, changing at regular intervals, and weather-proof. Exhibitions consist of a pair of graphic pieces giving contrasting views of the same subject. Their relationship is dialectic. The two cells share a single sliding glass roof.

Etched permanently into the walls of each cell are proposals for two architectural projects. The first is Proun x 6; a theatre and studio sharing a single sliding roof, with raised side galleries. The second is Proun x 60; a stadium and exhibition area sharing a single sliding roof and a single sliding football pitch; the multi-storey side galleries evoke Wolkenbügel.

The proposed site for the two-cell exhibition space is on Ploshchad Lenina. A potential site for the theatre is on Ulitsa Michurina, in front of the Spartak floodlights. The potential site for the new stadium spans the Trans-Siberian Railway to the north of the station. It would be a regional focal point for football, large open-air concerts and exhibitions. At the same time, it would form a new mixed-use and bespoke Microraion, embracing varied and adaptable spaces for living, working and cultural activity.

Large letters would spell out Worlds of El Lissitsky and Novosibirsk in the circular open spaces around the theatre and the stadium, visible from the air, as on a map.

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